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13:53 09.04.2012
House of Justice is opening in Ozurgeti
The opening ceremonial of Justice House is scheduled on 15:00 tomorrow.
16:50 07.04.2012
Zaza Gorozia: “Compared with last year, we expect doubled harvest in Kakheti this year”
Agriculture Minister, Zaza Gorozia has attended process of sowing hybrid corn in Lagodekhi region. According to Gorozia, all the new techniques are in full readiness for the spring works.
16:01 06.04.2012
Jaba Samushia: price of mini-buses will be increased with 20 tetri soon
“Christian-democrates” claim that price of traveling with mini-buses will be increased to one Lari soon. It was said, by the City Council Deputy, Jaba Samushia.
18:01 05.04.2012
“9th channel” will be broadcasted on Easter
According to Beqauri, he is not able to name the exact date when the tele-company will be broadcasted, but this will happen definitely in April.
15:59 05.04.2012
According to Onishenko, “Borjomi” faces no barriers for returning on Russian market
Russia’s chief sanitary Inspector Gennady Onishenko sees no obstacles for “Borjomi” to return on Russian market. “Rosprotrebnadzor” experts are ready to visit Georgia for inspection of the mineral water quality, Onishenko said at the pres-conference held in Kiev.
17:03 03.04.2012
Georgian Deputies met with Foreign Affairs Minister of Finland
Members of Parliamentary majority hold talks with Finish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja on the existed relations between the two countries and its prospects.
13:12 31.03.2012
Nino Kalandadze: Georgian government will protect each citizen
According Nino Kalandadze, any citizen of Georgia is dear for the government and it will protect them using all the possible ways.
11:49 30.03.2012
Deputy age is changing
Procedural Issues Committee confirmed the authenticity of the signatures of 80 deputies regarding the amendments to the Constitution.
10:20 30.03.2012
Main trial of Sopho Nikolashvili’s case will be held today.
A trial of Sopho Nikolashvili, reporter of newspaper “Kakhetis Khma” (“Voice of Kakheti”) will be held in Gurjaani regional court today. The pretrial hearing of this case was held on March 9, where defendant’s attorney requested a study of the evidences presented.
11:58 29.03.2012
Russian analyst predicts the loss of South Ossetia by Russia
On the background of UN assistance and Georgian administrative system’s successful work, the results might be equal to the loss of Russia’s entire foreign policy and it can inflict Putin's reputation irremediable damage” – says the expert.
15:13 28.03.2012
Meeting of Bakradze and Theophilos III
Georgian Parliament Press-service has spread transcript of the meeting of David Baqradze with Jerusalem Patriarch. We offer you it invariably:
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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