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Suit against “Cartu bank” is brought for appropriation of 27 kg of gold
19:52 11.04.2012
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The bank owned by Bidzina Ivanishili is again in a scandal. This time, “Cartu bank” is accused of misappropriation of 27 kg of gold. Citizen Kakhaber Vardukadze says that Bidzina Ivanishvili does not meet with him personally; therefore he is going to speak with him with a public letters.    

– Mr. Kakha let’s start from the very beginning, what happened 10 years ago? As we know in 2002 lease agreement was signed between you and “Cartu”...

– Ten years ago I decided to engage into pawn business. I was putting gold into the pawnshop of “Cartu” and the bank was paying me. Exactly one year later, in 2003, gold brought to that pawnshop by me was lost. The case was launched in the prosecution and financial police. The law enforcements confirmed I was victim of this case; however the case was soon closed, explained by impossibility of ascertainment of the offenders. 

– Were the repeated complaints, after the closed case, caused by the new circumstances?  

- I was advised by my lawyers to impose payment of the amount to the bank; therefore I appealed to the Supreme Court in 2005. On June 13, 2008 the Court imposed to bank payment of 266 585 US dollars in 5 days, however, few days later two employees of the bank – someone named as Purtskhvanidze and Miqaberidze – appeared and admitted that they had robbed their bank themselves together with me, as if I got 40% of my 27kg gold. The mentioned persons were really arrested, but were released soon, after the plea agreement.  

– According to our information, Giorgi Miqaberidze mentioned by you, is still employee of “Cartu Bank”, how do you think was your case speculation carried out by the Bank? 

- Purtskhvanidze went to business, Miqeladze was appointed on the high position in Batumi, just not long ago, Saburtalo branch of “Cartu Bank” was given in his leadership. I will try to find out whether is my case speculation or not in the Court. Just think about it, if I was accused of being participant of the robbing case, why I remained unpunished or why the robber of the bank was assigned on the high position of the same bank?  

– It seems, you are going to appeal against the bank…

– I will not stop until I get my money back; I am going to appeal tomorrow to the Finances Department of the Interior Ministry, to the President and to other governmental or non-governmental institutions.  

– Is the current president of the bank aware of this case?

– I talked about this issue with Nodar Javakhishvili face to face. But I cannot demand anything from him, as he was not the president of the bank during my case. Ivanishvili is the one, who should show the good will.

- Mr. Kakha, have you tried to inform Ivanishvili about this problem?

– I have tried to meet him not once, however, it seems, it is not so easy to meet with oligarch. I was at his residence, but no one listened to me. I tried to pass the letter to him in Chorvila, but in vain. Then, I tried to make him hear my problem though public letters, but there was no response to my actions. 

– Your statement is a serious blow for politician Ivanishvili and generally, for “Cartu Bank” too. Some even might call this statement of yours - ordered by the government…   

– I never had any connections to politics, moreover, last time I took part in elections in 90-ies. I am simple person, who demands justice.” 

For verifying the information, “” got in touch with Spokeswoman of “Georgian dream” Maya Panjikidze.

– Mrs. Maya, citizen Kakhaber Vardukadze blames “Cartu Bank” for embezzling 27 kg of gold. Is bidzina informed about this?  

- Bidzina Ivanishvili has never been addressed with such a request, I mean official announcement.

The current president of “Cartu Bank”, Nodar Javakhishvili says, the issue was decided on the level of Supreme Court; therefore he is not able to change anything. 

აღდგომის დღეებში, სასწრაფო სამედიცინო დახმარების ცენტრში 6290 გამოძახება დაფიქსირდა
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