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Mindia Gulua spoke with “” about Kaladze and the, so-called, “meeting of criminals”
20:10 27.06.2012
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The businessman Mindia Gulua living in Moscow confirmed to “”, that one of the candidates living in Georgia sent, so-called, crime bosses to him. Moreover, Gulua said that “gathering of criminals” was held in the same city where “dreamer” Kakha Kaladze was at that time. According to the businessman, it was decided there to sent, so-called, “thieves in law” living in Moscow to him… You will find out from exclusive interview of “” why the criminal bosses were sent to Mindia Gulua and what connection has Bidzina Ivanishvili and Kakha Kaladze to the “gatherings of criminals”….

“”: Shalva Natelashvili said in a conversation with us that Kahkha Kaladze has met with the, so-called, thieves in law in Cannes. After this meeting, these so-called “criminal bosses” contacted you to make you “donate” some amount to “Georgian dream”. Do you confirm this information?   

Mindia Gulua: I don’t know Kakha Kaladze personally and I have nothing to do with him. However, when I heard news that Kakha Kaladze was in Milan and he gathered the so-called “thieves in law”, I was interested, as my name was mentioned there too.

Then, I sent my representatives to that city… they soon found out that on that day, which was reported by media, Kakha Kaladze was not in Milan. Kaladze was in Cannes. Moreover, this, so-called, “gathering of criminals” was conducted in Cannes and not in Milan.  

I will not say was Kaladze there or not, as I am a lawyer and if I don’t have exact evidence, naturally, I must be responsible for this statement. 

- Did the so-called criminal bosses visit you?

- I can confirm you the information that the, so-called, “Thieves in law” were really sent to me in Moscow. And the person who sent them is one of the candidates participating in the forthcoming elections in Georgia.

I will tell you… Demanding money was not the issue here. I was asked to remove my political party from the list of candidates and to leave the election campaign. That was the first request, which was categorically refused. 

- Who came to you?

- Those who had come to me are already wanted. I wrote a letter to a federal structure, as I am a politician… For me such criminal and gangster things are unacceptable. That’s why I wrote a statement about it. As I know, they will soon be arrested… 

I am protected by the security service; my movement is very much restricted, as they created a serious threat for me. There was a very bad conversation and naturally, I made law enforcers aware. Their different threats never affect me. I have passed through war and I would not go to politics if I was afraid of some, so-called, thieves.     

- Did they threaten you with physical liquidation?

- My business is protected in every way. However, no one is protected from physical destruction. For that reason, I had to hire guards for my family members too. I am talking about two of them, others are in Tbilisi. 

- When the so-called criminals were sent to you, did they introduce themselves? Did they say who had sent them?

- I have no right to say that. It is known only to that candidate who is in Tbilisi now and who has sent them to me. Law enforcers will investigate it… A person is only guilty when a court will sentence him. Everything will be clarified then. Probably they could not foresee who they have to deal with…  

- In your opinion, why Ivainshvili wants to remove you from political field, does he consider you as a competitor?

- I have not specified and I never told that this person was Bidzina Ivanishvili. Did I mention “Georgian dream” or Ivanishvili anywhere?  

You have not mentioned, but I will recall you that our conversation started with the meeting of Kakha Kaladze and the so-called, thieves in law, in Cannes. You said you have checked information reported by media. Logically, if you confirm reports about the so-called, “meeting of criminals” and people sent to you, it is not hard to guess who stands behind Kakha Kaladze’s actions and which “candidate from Tbilisi” you are speaking about…    

- The fact, that Kakha Kaladze was in Cannes and the so-called “meeting of criminals” took place there, was confirmed by my security. You better ask Kaladze what happened on that meeting and who was sent where. I just want to warn those who come to Georgian politics that no business can be solved with a criminal and gangster methods.

- You have announced desire to engage into Georgian politics quite a long time ago. Was there any other similar request or demand (about you quitting the politics) coming from any political organization or individual political leader before?   

- No, nothing of this kind has ever happened before.

- ... Then Bidzina Ivanishvili appeared in Georgian politics and the coalition “Georgian dream” has been formed. Don’t you think that if before you have not been obstacle for anyone and therefore, no one has been sent to you, maybe exactly newly-formed political force stands behind all this things?

- I know who the author of this meeting is. I know those who were attending it, but I cannot name them now. For one reason. If I name Ivanishvili, Petriashvili or someone else now, then I will have to be responsible for this legally. Yes, I know who came and who had sent them. Those persons who are wanted now will be arrested and everything will be clarified then.

- Those who came to you, were they participants of the, so-called, “criminals’ meeting” in Cannes?  

- No, participants of the meeting ordered it to their, so-called, colleagues in Moscow. Finally, I would like to say one thing: I would like to wish Georgia to have fair elections in 2012 and I don’t want there to be unrest. I want Georgia to be successful country and Georgian people – happy.

აღდგომის დღეებში, სასწრაფო სამედიცინო დახმარების ცენტრში 6290 გამოძახება დაფიქსირდა
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