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10:15 20.09.2012
Short-term visits are still being held in Gldani prison
Short-term visits are still being held in Gldani N8 prison. According to latest data, up to 800 people have already been registered. Approximately 600 were already able to see their inmate relatives.
16:07 19.09.2012
The Public Defender: at present, there is complete quiet in all the establishments we have visited
Representatives of the Public Defender are making visits to several penal establishments simultaneously. At the same time, we are responding to each fact of violation of human rights that was made public during the past two days.  
15:43 19.09.2012
Saakashvili: everything should be changed in the penitentiary system
“Level of illness is unacceptably high in prisons and we definitely should discuss it too. This issue needs a lot of money and we have to do it. Everything should be changed; in a few days, this system should operate in the way that no one will be able to recognize it.
10:10 19.09.2012
Public Defender: Tamazashvili denies any kind of pressure on him
It is said in the statement of the Public Defender that according to the prisoner, no one has entered his cell today, and he learned about the charges against him in the afternoon from the radio. The prisoner denies any kind of pressure or other types of violence against him. 
00:54 19.09.2012
“Transparency international – Georgia” spreads a statement
“Transparency International Georgia condemns this act, and expresses its extreme indignation over this shocking piece of evidence, which requires an immediate and adequate response from the government”, - is said in the statement.
17:35 17.09.2012
The State Minister releases a statement regarding the occupation regime
State Minister of Georgia for Reintegration condemns restrictions on freedom of movement and the right to education in native language of ethnic Georgian schoolchildren imposed by the Russian occupation regime.
13:35 17.09.2012
Academic year in the National Defence Academy was started with the state anthem
In the course of the event the students and attendees paid a tribute to the memory of Georgian military servicemen fallen for the territorial integrity of our country.
10:42 15.09.2012
Russian militaries fired school-boarding with a grenade launcher (Video)
As it turned out, it happened due to the mistake of the militaries – they have established it in the investigation committee and explained that a man standing at mortar has mixed up the direction.
12:19 14.09.2012
First phase of Kakheti rehabilitation works is finished
According to information of the Justice Minister, completion of rehabilitation of Telavi and Khvareli in Kakheti on 15-16 September will be a real public holiday. Kakheti residents and its guests will become participants of a sight. The solemn event will turn into two-day non-stop theatrical performance, in which anyone can participate.
11:14 14.09.2012
According to the Public Defender information rights of inmates in Kutaisi No.2 establishment are violated on a regular bases
According to the statement of the Public Defender, the preliminary results of the monitoring make it clear that the administration of the Kutaisi Establishment No. 2 regularly violates prisoners’ rights. There are multiple cases of ill-treatment towards prisoners.
14:10 13.09.2012
MIA to hold field exercises “Georgia 2012”
The scenario for the exercise will be a severe earthquake affecting the vicinity of Tbilisi, resulting in high numbers of victims and widespread damage to critical infrastructure, including chemical spills and a radiological incident.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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