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14:55 02.08.2012
30 inmates were released by the Early Conditional Release Councils
According to the information of the Ministry of Corrections, the Councils for Early Conditional Release decided to approve 30 applications after completion of the verbal hearing.
13:45 02.08.2012
Bachuki Kardava: mobilization of Russian army is planned at Georgian borders
According to Kardava’s suggestions, activists of “Georgian dream” state during the meetings with populations in the streets that if the elections will not be completed with the results wished by them, they will come out to the streets, and if the government will try to disperse them, “Georgian dream” will be helped by the Russian army mobilized at the borders of Georgia.
11:39 02.08.2012
According to Merabishvili agricultural plants processing enterprises will be built in Georgia
Merabishvili was interested if the dripping means of land irrigation introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture last year, justified expectations.
11:26 02.08.2012
Latvian soldier dies in Georgia from overheating
Latvian soldier who was on the exercises in Georgia dies from overheating. Information about the ancident is published agency "bnn-news".
10:45 02.08.2012
104 year old women sets world record (VIDEO)
104 Year Grandma Peggy Mcalpine Sets Paragliding World Record. Women, who is using wheelchair, jumped from height about 730 meters.
10:18 02.08.2012
CEC continues its work in a special regime
As it is known, 13 members will be in commission on every polling station, 6 from them chosen from parties and 6 with a profession sign. For October 1, total of 48 thousand people will be working in the election administration throughout Georgian.
16:39 01.08.2012
The girl, who underwent cancer surgery during prenatal period, feels good
By Surgical intervention were able to remove the tumors from the fetus. formation of the fruits saw after Ultrasonic image. The doctors concluded that it was the type of tumor, which only one infant deaths from 35 to 000 thousand.
13:25 01.08.2012
Auction over the immovable property of LLC Burji will be finished today
According to the information of the National Bureau of Enforcement, Tbilisi City Court fined LLC Burji with 11 018 105 for the violation of election campaign financing legislation. The enforcement writs #4/2756-12 and 4/2751-12 were issued on July 16, 2012. Along with the fine, Burji shall pay GEL 771 267.35 as an enforcement fee.
12:25 01.08.2012
The U.S. Department of State criticizes Russia in terms of religious freedom
The U.S. Department of State published International Religious Freedom Report for 2011, which covers Russia too.
11:51 01.08.2012
The U.S. Department of State: Georgian law and policies protect religious freedom
The U.S. Department of State published International Religious Freedom Report for 2011, which covers Georgia too.
17:58 31.07.2012
Granddaughter of Britain Queen managed to get a medal on the London Olympics
Granddaughter of Britain Queen Elizabeth II, Zara Phillips managed to get a medal on the London Olympics. She took the second place in ridding and received silver medal.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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