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12:42 31.07.2012
Chess championship among juveniles was held at the Special Correctional Establishments
The final round of chess championship among juveniles was held at the Special Correctional Establishment for Juveniles. The tournament lasted for 2 weeks.
15:09 30.07.2012
Tugushi has addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a recommendation regarding the TV 9 journalist
The Public Defender of Georgia has addressed the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with a proposal to launch an investigation into the fact of threat made against a journalist of TV 9, Nodar Chachua.
14:16 30.07.2012
Levan Bedzashvili: rehabilitation works will be completed by the end of the week
On the meeting, Bedzashvili listened to the results of the monitoring from those volunteers, who are carrying out the exact description of the disaster-affected population from yesterday.
18:35 28.07.2012
22 Georgians, victims of human trafficking in Turkey, were released
22 Georgians, who became victims of human trafficking in Turkey, were released few hours ago. As it became known, the men living in the village Alaverdi, Zestaponi region, were promised jobs and 1200 GEL wags by a mediator Lasha Navareli. He took a group of job seekers to Istanbul, seized documents and locked in the basement.
15:45 28.07.2012
Minister of Health distributed health insurance policies in Tsalka
Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, Zurab Chiaberashvili visited Ushkhvans family with 7 members living in Tsalka and personally brought health insurance policies to them.
14:51 27.07.2012
Gigi Ugulava met with the population of Didi Digomi
Inner roads infrastructure development in Tbilisi is underway. The rehabilitation process was observed by Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava in Didi Digomi today. Ugulava met with the local population and talked about health-care system and the state insurance policy.
14:48 27.07.2012
Prosecutor’s office released statement in connection with the fact of freezing accounts of Kakha Kaladze
As it is said in the statement, the FMS's information shows that in a short period of time, Kakha Kaladze received approximately $6 million at his bank accounts. “” offer you the mentioned statement invariably:
12:50 27.07.2012
Due to the growth of the temperature, number of patients in the Cardiology clinics increased
Doctors recommend patients with cardiovascular problems to avoid going out in the hot weather, to get a lot of liquid and to address doctors timely in case of deterioration of their health.
10:52 27.07.2012
Liquidation works are continued in Kakheti
The disaster consequences works are continued in Kakheti. Electricity is almost completely restored in the region. Solidarity groups arrived from different regions of Georgia are participating in the restoration works of the damaged infrastructure, special equipments are mobilized.
15:33 26.07.2012
The “New rights” party is asking for creating a state policy program of the Hepatitis C
According to the new program the state should fully finance diagnostics of hepatitis C; treatment of at least 2000 patients per year should be financed from Budget; Production of the generic of Interferon should be launched in Georgia.
12:29 26.07.2012
Foreign tourists are helping the disaster-affected population
Foreign tourists are helping the population affected by the disaster in the village Vachnadzian. They expressed willingness to help themselves. Polish guests are cleaning the yard of Gogiashvilis from the remains of the disaster already for several days.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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