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Zurab Chiaberashvili: threats on the “United National Movement” members continue
12:52 08.10.2012
Chiaberashvili named those individuals, who were threatened. These are: Gia Meliqishvili, Temur Butsashvili, Alexander Imerlishvili, Gogita and Zura Shavkatsishvilis. The person who carries out threats by phone is – Joni Osiashvili.
10:40 05.10.2012
Operation of robbed branch of “Bank of Georgia” is stopped from the morning
Operation of Varketili branch of “Bank of Georgia” is stopped. The reason is the fact of robbery occurred there yesterday.
15:30 01.10.2012
Three persons were arrested for assaulting the police
After the cab was pulled over by the police, they continued to threaten the officers and physically assaulted them. All three have been charged under Article 173 and 166 of the Administrative Code and have been presented to the court.
15:25 01.10.2012
MIA denies detention of “Georgian Dream” activists in Ozurgeti
Nugzar Mikeladze, driving a Mercedes, and Vakhtang Gujabidze, driving a BMW, ignored a legitimate request from police vehicle to allow them to pass. They were pulled over and fined for non-compliance.
17:59 28.09.2012
Valerian Tsomaia is arrested for damaging National movement campaign posters
According to the information of the Internal Affairs Minister, Tsomaia was damaging National Movement campaign posters in Abasha Region. He threatened and physically assaulted the police, who came to the scene.
11:26 28.09.2012
Another two persons accused of torture of prisoners were arrested
According to the information of the prosecutor’s office, the head of the 2nd establishment of Kutaisi division Gaga Liparteliani and Kutaisi 2nd establishment controller Mikheil Chkhaidze has been arrested by the law enforcers today morning.
12:56 27.09.2012
Scandalous video: footage showing Mamuka Areshidze handing money for bribery (VIDEO)
“Information, votes - all this will be, but only one thing, the thing that we promised him with your instructions… “ – the unknown person says, after what Areshidze hands money over him.
10:39 27.09.2012
Vladimer Bedukadze is searched by Interpol
According to the statement of the main prosecutor, Murtaz Zodelava, Bedukadze received USD 2 million for the video material of torture of prisoners.
14:27 26.09.2012
MIA releases an official statement regarding the connection of the thieves-in-law with Georgian politicians
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia spreads an official statement regarding involvement of Georgian thieves-in-law in the politics and their connection with some Georgian politicians.
14:18 26.09.2012
Police arrested Avtandil Tevzade for assaulting the “iTv” journalist
The officers of Samtredia Regional Division of The Ministry of Internal Affairs detained Avtandil Tevzadze due to the fact of committing administrative violation.
13:16 26.09.2012
Internal Affairs Ministry has detained former Deputy
As for Tevzadze, he is detained for abusing journalist of internet-television ITV and for preventing fulfillment of journalistic duties. However, it is possible that Tevzadze will be charged with other accusation too.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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