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10:47 21.04.2012
David Tevzadze: In case of a war with Iran, it is possible that Russia will start military actions against Georgia
Former Defense Minister of Georgia, David Tevzadze said, in case of a war with Iran, it is possible that Russia will start military actions against Georgia
13:14 12.04.2012
Putin develops plan of invasion to Georgia
Former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof reports on the web-page “Business Insider”, that “with Vladimir Putin returning to the Russian presidency, the prospect that he again would order an attack on Georgia as he did in August 2008 also has become a possibility”.
18:23 10.04.2012
Mikheil Saakashvili: Georgia should start exporting high technologies
Georgian president Mikheil Saakasvhili saw today first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) produced in Georgia. Mikheil Saakashvili said, Georgia will no longer depend on anyone and the unmanned aerial vehicle will become a product for export.
12:57 09.04.2012
Syria prepares for a war
”We rule out military intervention, however our army is ready for everything, and we, all, the army and the people too, we are ready to defend our country till the last straw,” – Syrian ambassador in Russia – Riad Khadada said.
11:44 09.04.2012
Russia Plans to Flatten Georgia if Israel Attacks Iran
Russia is deploying guided anti-ship missiles on the Caspian shore in preparation, and is forming an offensive spearhead force, heavily armed with modern long-range weapons.
14:30 07.04.2012
Moscow’s response to Washington – C-400 complex is placed in Kaliningrad
The Baltic fleet was equipped with C-400 strategic missile complexes, in response to U.S. missile defense systems. The new equipments are to protect Russia’s western borders from the strikes from air and space.
19:17 28.03.2012
Georgian delegation participated in the conference of Afghanistan development Regional Economic cooperation
The 5th conference of Afghanistan development Regional Economic cooperation was held in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe. A Georgian delegation with a leadership of Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, David Jalagoni, participated in it.
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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the 21th round of the Geneva International Discussions
Participants from Georgia strongly protested against the multiple cases of illegal incursion into the Georgian air-space by the Russian aircraft during the last several months.
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